We are located on Beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and our main focus is on producing quality mini and medium sized F1 and F1b Goldendoodles.

Our priority is for sound temperaments, great health, clear hips/eyes/cardiac testing, and as much as possible,  non to low shedding coats. We believe that we have a responsibility to support the genetic health of this wonderful mix, and as such, each breeding is thought out with care to create a dog that will not only be an outstanding family pet but also an improvement on its ancestors with a healthy mind and body.

Not only are we one of Canada's first breeders of mini Goldendoodles, we are also proud to be one of only a small handful of breeders asked to contribute to the hardcover Goldendoodle Book, by Kathryn Lee.

In addition to raising wonderful family pets, we also make a point of donating a number of pups to service dog organizations each year. The majority of these dogs have passed the rigorous testing and training process and are now certified and working as service

Please enjoy browsing through our website and feel free to drop us a note if you have questions about any of our available puppies . We try out best to respond to all email within 24 hours and if we don't have puppies we can often direct you to a responsible breeder in your area who does. 

Thank you for supporting responsible breeding practises by purchasing from us or allowing us to refer you to another quality breeder. 

You can email us here.  

Photos Courtesy of Michelle Loewen Photography

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