Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do puppies cost?

Puppies reserved after Feb 15 2018 are $2500.  Old pricing will apply to deposites received prior to that date. Puppies from specific sires  will be $2750 and that cost will include spay/neuter or tubal ligation/vasectomy prior to going home to accomodate stud owners policies.  GST/PST are additional for BC purchasers, GST only for all other provinces. 
All pups are sold on strict legally binding non -breeding agreement (we reserve the right to change this policy at any time due to lack of owner compliance and if so your puppy will be spayed/neutered before departure and the $225 cost will be added to the purchase price). 

Price includes the following:
 -first vaccine
 -vet exam
-microchip with lifetime registration (transferred to new owner after spay/neuter)
-2 year genetic warranty
 -lifetime support
-blanket or toy that smells like home
-written take home instructions/potty schedule
-early socialization with children and exposure to crate
-preventative flea treatment
- bag of food that puppies are used to (if picking up in person)

Spaces will not be held without an approved application and deposit.  

How much of  a deposit is required?

We request a  $500 deposit to reserve a spot.  We do no take reservations for specific shades of colour and if you have a strong preference for a specific shade we would prefer if you applied to a different breeder as our primary focus is on temperment over colour. We will accept email transfer, bank draft or personal cheque (for deposits only with at least 14 days to clear prior to pickup).  Please do not send a deposit withour an approved application.

Are Deposits refundable?

Yes but only if we don't have a puppy born/available that is a good match for your criteria/preferences.  Otherwise deposits are non refundable and indicate our commitment to hold your puppy for you and are also your promise to us that you have commited to purchasing a puppy are are not shopping around with other breeders once you have asked us to hold your space. Your deposit can be kept on file for up to 1 year if you choose to delay your purchase until a later date, occasionally longer with prior permission. 

Can I pick out my puppy?

We used to let people choose their pups from photos or in person but found that people were picking their pups based on inappropriate criteria  such as whether it comes to them or the "sparkle" in its eyes and that the puppy they chose was often not well suited to their lifestyle or level of
experience with dogs.  For that reason, we will select your  puppy,with input for you , based on what you have told us about you lifestyle and experience with dogs as well as the personal characteristics you are looking for such as gender and size.  Please note that colour is not a major consideration in our selection process and we do not take applications from famlies that one want a very specific colour.When possible, we try to narrow it down to two suitable puppies and let you choose the one you prefer from the most suitable two.

We will prioritize our selections based on the date your puppy is reserved and of course your deposit is
refundable if you are unhappy with our choice, we don't have enough pups in a litter or can't supply a suitable puppies.  Since most families want different things
in a puppy, there is rarely a "first pick" or "last pick" puppy no matter what your place on the list.

I don't live on Vancouver Island and can't travel to pickup, do you offer delivery?

We prefer in person pickups so that we can meet you and know that your puppy will arrive safetly. On occasion if time permits, we can provide personal delivery at extra cost. Please inquire.

I have holidays planned for the week my puppy is ready to be picked up, can you keep it longer for me?

If you are not able to pick up your puppy on the take home date then we advise waiting for another litter or contacting a  trainer we recommended to board/train your puppy. We do not personally board puppies at our home or keep them for extra time past their take home date.   Puppies that age are a tremendous amount of work to socialize and care for properly and we look forward to well earned rest periods in between litters of puppies and plan our own holidays accordingly.

If you would like a head start on training your puppy or you have extensive holidays plans, you may want to consider a referal to one of the local trainers we trust as an alternative. The local trainer will take your puppy for 4-6  weeks and begin potty training, socializing and basic training.  This program fills up quickly and early reservations are recommended, space is not guaranteed so please confirm availability before reserving your puppy if timing is an issue for you.