Cream with apricot ears
Dark gold
The Scoop on our Doodle types....

We raise mini and medium sized Goldendoodle and Double Doodles. We don't raise standard sized doodles or Labradoodles but we are happy to refer you to another reputable breeder if that's what you are looking for.

Most of our litters will have both mini and medium pups in it and we know by about 6 weeks which pups will be which.  These are mixed breeds though and sometimes puppies suprise us and end up slightly bigger or smaller than anaticipated. If you want 100% certainty with size, coat type, colour etc you should consider a purebred dog instead. 

 Most of our owners love that their dog won't look like everyone else's dog and are happy to have some element of suprise as it matures but if you have serious allergies or condo size restrictions then we'd encourage you to consider a purebred or a multigen Labradoodle which will have more predicability of type as it matures.

Mini: 18-35 lbs, 14-17" at the shoulder
Medium: 30-55 lbs, 17-22' at the shoulder
F1,F2: 50/50 poodle and retreiver
F1b: 75% poodle/25% retriever
Double Doodle: Labradoodle/Goldendoodle (percentage varies per breeding)
You should consider an F1b Goldendoodle or a multigen Austriallian Labradoodle or purebred non shedding breed. 
What do the different colours look like?

I know I want a doodle but I am very sensitive to pet hair and want a low risk of shedding.  I understand this might mean more grooming to prevent mats.  What kind should I get?

You should consider a F1 Goldendoodle or a wavy coated double doodle.  Their coats are typically not as curly and usually don't need professional grooming as often.
I am am a former golden owner who loves Goldens but not all the hair, I am not concerned about the possiblity of some mild shedding though and I have no allergies . I don't want a coat that needs a lot of grooming, what type should I get?